Prototype & Test a New Idea in 5 Days...

Using Google's Design Sprint Method

Learn if your idea is...

An Efficient Failure

Your idea didn’t hit the mark. You saved 4-6 months of work building the wrong thing.

A Flawed Success

Some of your ideas met customer needs; some didn't. You should iterate and test again.

An Epic Win

The ideas met customer needs. You are ready to implement!

Test ANY idea

New products, services + marketing campaigns


Serious Results in 5 Days

1. A high fidelity prototype tested with REAL customers

2. Answers to critical business questions

3. Clarity on next steps

Over 150 ideas tested

Pictured above is a prototype of a medical device that diagnoses melanoma cancer using a heat sensor with 90% accuracy.

Top Questions

What role does SpiNovation Labs play?

We work with your team to prototype and test a new product or service idea with real customers in your target demographic in 5 days. We also help you find the right tech, design, marketing and other experts to shed light on product/service unknowns.

What types of companies have you worked with?

We have worked with financial services, commercial real estate, health care, media, consumer product, cyber security, hospitality, auto repair and marketing companies to date.

What technologies have you worked with?

We have prototyped blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning applications for mobile and desktop and a medical device that uses thermistor technology to diagnose Melanoma Cancer.

Can you get enough feedback by testing a prototype with just 5 people?

For sure! 85% of the customer sentiment can be found by testing with 5 customers in your target demographic, per renowned user researcher, Jakob Nielson.

Can a company continue iterating on the prototype themselves after 5 days?

Absolutely! SpiNovation Labs' mission is to also train teams on how to run a sprint. Each team will get a Toolkit to guide them through future sprints.

Can a sprint be performed in less than 5 days?

Yes, if a company has a prototype of their solution ready, it can be tested with real customers in a 2 day sprint.

5 day sprints can also be compressed to 3 or 4 day sprints depending on the complexity of the idea.

Are design sprints only meant for startups?

No. Design sprints also work well in small, medium and large enterprises, NGO's, foundations, agencies + more.

How much time do you need to plan the sprint? What steps are involved?

We need atleast 2 weeks of lead time to plan a sprint. We need to identify the sprint challenge, identify sprint participants, schedule the sprint and find a location to host the sprint. Sprints can also be done remotely online.

How much does it cost to run a Sprint?

It depends on company size and how many ideas you want to validate. Contact us to find out more