We have trained over 100 people on how to run design sprints

We train cross functional teams

Pictured above (From left to right): Our CEO Jameel,  SVP Product Design, Advertising Manager, Editor-in-Chief & Finance Director.  We came together to design a new digital product.  We learned so much from them and the pictures on the walls.

We train by doing

Pictured above: Our CEO Jameel (with the glasses on the left) with a team from a large media company reviewing prototype sketches participants created.  

We customize training to meet client needs

Pictured Above: McMaster University Engineering students prototyping their portable hardware router.   Workshopping with university students is different than corporate employees.   Our delivery is more casual, we leave more time for questions because students tend to get stuck in the details and spend more time storyboarding ideas because they have difficulty articulating concepts using intuitive copy.

We help build strong bonds

Pictured Above:  Our CEO Jameel helped this team prototype an online marketplace for local Toronto artists.   The team members had different learning styles.  Jena (sporting a baseball cap) had a difficult time articulating her ideas verbally, so Jameel encouraged her to sketch them out.

We listen

Pictured above:  The CTO of a startup we worked with is explaining the opportunities and risks associated with different blockchain design platforms.  At the start of the workshop, the CTO questioned whether his CEO was focused on the right challenge.  We took a vote and decided to tackle two challenges in the workshop.  We prototyped and tested two solutions for the different challenges and one was the clear winner with customers.

We can help scale design sprints across your organization